About us

The “Internationaler Volkskulturkreis e.V.” is a non-profit association that promotes encounters between people of different nationalities and cultures, especially between China and Europe.

One focus of our activities is music. Through various events such as festivals, competitions, seminars & workshops, we organize choir and orchestra experiences. The music embraces all people and we are a part of this wonderful world.

We also support projects in the field of education, such as school visits and so far, as well as sports, and offer experiences for all those involved that are unforgettable, a foundation for peaceful and constructive coexistence and promote cultural boundaries and overcome prejudices.

Association’s purpose:

  • Organizing cultural and social events
  • The Chinese students have the opportunity to get to know the German everyday life and culture better. In return, German students have the opportunity to visit China and take part in a student exchange. Through this intensive exchange the Chinese students as well as the German families have the chance to experience the other culture very intensively.
  • Establishing and maintaining contacts at a cultural and social level