News 2019

In the past year, Internationaler Volkskulturkreis e.V. has organized many music events in the music field to exchange music and culture.

In November 2018, musician Hannes Kehl, with the help of Internationaler Volkskulturkreis e.V., flight to Taiyuan and Inner Mongolia in China to participate in the music event.

In May 2019, musician Werner Jung and his group followed Liaoning to China to participate in the music event organized by Internationaler Volkskulturkreis e.V.

There are many students and music enthusiasts in China who are interested in music through orchestra and choir. In October 2019 Martin Winkler followed to China Shanghai and Beijing to teach the choir master classes for the students.

At the same time Uwe Kohls and his group followed to China Guangdong to teach the choir masterclasses for the students.

Internationaler Volkskulturkreis arrangiert sehr gerne für solche Musikveranstaltung und hilft gerne den Musikanten nach China. Herr Winkler und seine Gruppe haben eine schöne musikalische Zeit mit den Schülern in China verbracht.

Nach der Entwicklung der Zeit ist Orchester nach und nach beliebt in China. Mehr und mehr Schüler haben Lust mehr über Orchester, besonders in die Richtung Theorie zu erfahren. Im November 2019 hat Federico Ferrari nach China Peking und Zhenzhou geflogen, dessen Orchester-Meisterkurs wurde sehr gut beliebt. Vielen Schüler haben sich an den Meisterkurs beteiligt. Die Schüler haben sehr schöne musikalische Zeit unter der Führung von Federico Ferrari genossen.

Internationaler Volkskulturkreis e.V. is very happy to arrange for such music events and is happy to help musicians to China. Mr. Winkler and his group spent a wonderful musical time with the students in China.

With the development of the time, orchestra is gradually becoming popular in China. More and more students want to learn more about orchestra, especially in the direction of theory. In November 2019, Federico Ferrari has flown to China Beijing and Zhenzhou, whose orchestra master class became very popular. Many students have participated in the master class. The students enjoyed very nice the musical time under the guidance of Federico Ferrari.